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I often think about a headline that ran last January in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Teaching in the Age of Disinformation: Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories Are Everywhere. What’s a Professor to Do?” To read the full article, select Harper College as your institution and log in with your Harper College username and password.

Great question. Media literacy might be an overdue conversation in your circle but is a connection that we all now have. It’s tough, invigorating, and frankly, required teaching.

Teaching in the Age of Disinformation

There’s a documentary entitled, TRUST ME, that I have incorporated into my media literacy sessions with students this semester. “The documentary explores human nature, information technology, and the need for media literacy to help people trust one another, bring them together and create a more resilient population.” The response has been phenomenal. Watch it. Get your students to watch it. And ask a librarian how information literacy can be worked into your courses.

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