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Harper College Syllabus

A complete and informative syllabus provides a solid foundation for your course. Providing students with consistent information on course syllabi promotes student success and understanding of college policies and resources.

Harper College Syllabus Checklist

The Harper College Syllabus Checklist can be used as a tool when developing your course syllabus and will assist you in preparing a document that includes both required and best practice information for Harper College students.

Harper College Syllabus Template

The Harper College Syllabus Template was created to meet all of the best practice and recommended items on the Harper College Syllabus Checklist.  The template is also designed to meet accessibility guidelines for MS Word documents.

Instructions for template use:

  1. Click on the template icon above to download a copy.  Save a copy to your own computer or storage device.
  2. Complete the syllabus by replacing the items in brackets [ ] with the information for your course.  All of the items noted with [REQUIRED] must be included in your syllabus. Highlight the text between the brackets, and begin typing or paste new verbiage in to replace it. When you have added your text between the brackets, delete the brackets.
  3. If copying and pasting text into the syllabus, it is recommended that you use the Paste Special > Unformatted Text option, so that the fonts and styles of the template remain in place for pasted text.
  4. Review the provided policy statements in the template. Those noted as [REQUIRED] must be kept in the syllabus. Remove the [REQUIRED] note next to those polices before distributing your syllabus.

Syllabus Examples

Below are examples of completed syllabi for face-to-face and online courses, created using  the Harper College Syllabus template. The MS Word files are “clean” copies of the example syllabi.  The PDF files are annotated versions of the syllabi with explanations and notes.


Grab-and-Go Syllabus Verbiage

Below are some suggested classroom and college policy verbiage that you can copy and paste into your syllabus.  Required policies for Harper College syllabi are: Academic Dishonesty, Access and Disability Services, and Equal Opportunity Statement.

Critical Policies

Academic Dishonesty [Required]

Academic Dishonesty : The College reserves the right to set and communicate reasonable standards of behavior. Students are expected to uphold college standards related to academic honesty. The following behaviors, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, are considered academic dishonesty and are prohibited. Examples are provided to illustrate the specific prohibition and are not intended to be all-inclusive.

  • Cheating (accessing or using unauthorized materials or information)
  • Plagiarism (reproducing someone else’s words or ideas without accurate acknowledgment)
  • Falsifying information (providing untrue information)
  • Unauthorized collaboration (getting assistance or sharing work without permission)
  • Facilitating academic dishonesty (participating in an act that creates an unearned advantage for someone)

Access and Disability Services [Required]

Access and Disability Services: Harper College strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers based on your disability (including mental health, chronic or temporary medical conditions), please let Access and Disability Services (ADS) know immediately at 847.925.6266.  ADS will privately discuss the options you have, including the accommodations they offer. You are welcome to register with Access and Disability Service by going to Access and Disability Services and filling out the application for ADS services. Once you have your accommodations approved by ADS, please make arrangements with the instructor as soon as possible to discuss your accommodations so that they may be implemented in a timely fashion.

  • Location: Building I, Room 103
  • Phone: 847.925.6266
  • Email: ads@harpercollege.edu

To learn more visit: Access and Disability Services

Equal Opportunity Statement [Required]

Equal Opportunity Statement: Harper College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or unfavorable discharge from military service. If you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment (whether on or off campus) that affects your ability to participate in class or any of Harper College’s programs, please seek assistance from any of the following resources:

  • For gender-based or sexual misconduct (including sexual assault and sexual harassment) by any person, visit the Harper College Title IX resource page to learn more about your support and reporting options.
  • For any harassment/discrimination by an employee, contact the College’s Chief Human Resources Officer at 847-925-6216.

Please be advised that faculty members are required to report to the College if they learn that a crime, harassment, or discrimination may have occurred.

Optional Statements

Blackboard Privacy and Accessibility Statements

Blackboard Privacy and Accessibility Statements: Blackboard is the learning management system used at Harper College. It provides a secure Web space for delivery of instructional course materials. Blackboard’s privacy statement and accessibility statement are available for review.

Copyright Statement

The materials on this course website are only for the use of students enrolled in this course for purposes associated with this course and may not be retained or further disseminated. For more information, please visit the Harper College Copyright/Fair Use resource page.

Course Survey (Student Opinionnaires of Instruction)

Course Survey (Student Opinionnaires of Instruction): Near the end of this course, you will be invited to participate in a survey. The feedback you provide is valuable to me, as your instructor, as well as Harper College. The comments you share are completely anonymous and the compiled confidential results will not be released until after final grades have been posted for the entire semester. You may access the survey through a link you will receive in your Harper College Gmail account or directly via Blackboard. Surveys are usually available three weeks before the last day of class. To check a survey’s availability in Blackboard, select the SOI- COURSE SURVEY link in the course menu. Surveys are only visible when they are available. Note: Course surveys are administered in Fall and Spring semesters only.

Courses with IncludED (Inclusive Access) Materials [Participating Courses Only]

This course uses the Follett IncludED program, which provides discounted online course content. A course materials fee for the online content was assessed upon registration for the course. Other materials may be required for the course. After registering for the course, a welcome email containing instructions on how to activate course materials or how to “opt-out” of the program, should have been received. Be advised that online content may include required homework assignments, so “opting-out” may jeopardize your ability to successfully pass the course. Any homework entered in the program prior to “opting-out” will be deleted by the publisher. If you “opt-out” of the program, you will lose access to the on-line course content and receive a credit for the course materials fee after the 100% drop/add date for the course. If you accidentally “opted-out” of the program, you may reinstate access by opting back in.

If you have any issues with the program, please contact the HarperStore at 847.925.6275.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution: All Harper students have the right to express their concerns regarding their experience in the classroom, including the assessment of their performance or difficulties with other students. Students should first contact their instructors with any questions or concerns. If students and instructors cannot resolve concerns together, students should follow the Student Academic Complaint Process outlined in the Student Handbook.

Hawks Care

Is money tight for you right now? Harper College provides resources to support students in need. The Hawks Care program offers non-perishable food, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies, cold-weather items, lunch/grocery/gas cards, and other resources. Acquiring supplies is simple and privacy is protected. Hawks Care is located in the Center for Student Involvement (A336, 847.925.6249, HawksCare@harpercollege.edu). Call, email, or visit in person to inquire about current procedures and hours of operation. Find the online request form at: Hawks Care Services for Students

Military and Veteran Students Statement

Military and Veteran Students: I recognize the complexities of being a member of the military community and also a student. If you are a member of the military community, please inform me if you are in need of accommodations. Drill schedules, calls to active duty, complications with GI Bill disbursement, and other unforeseen military and veteran related developments can complicate your academic life. If you make me aware of a complication, I will do everything I can to assist you or put you in contact with college staff who are trained to assist you.

Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct: Harper College encourages the intellectual and personal growth of its students as scholars and as citizens. The College has both the authority and responsibility to maintain a campus community where the educational programs can flourish for all students and where individual rights, personal and collective safety, and College operations are appropriately protected. It is a choice to attend Harper College and by doing so, students assume the obligations (including standards for behavior) imposed by the College.

Harper College students and student organizations are expected to act in accordance with the policies, rules, regulations, laws, and requirements of Harper College, municipalities and counties, the State of Illinois, and the United States. The Student Code of Conduct and related information at the Harper Student Conduct resource page outlines these expectations and provides resources and reporting options for students.

Student E-mail Notifications & Privacy

Student E-mail Notifications & Privacy: All notifications related to student registration or other business activities are sent to students via their Harper College email account (XXXX@mail.harpercollege.edu) that is assigned to students upon registration. Students access this account via an icon in the student portal (where you registered for classes). Please check this e-mail frequently. To forward e-mails from this account to a personal email account please follow these instructions for forwarding Harper e-mail.

Please be advised that your education records are subject to a federal privacy law called the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As a result, please be aware that you (not your parent(s), spouse, or other such person) will generally need to be the one to ask questions, file complaints, or otherwise interact with the College and faculty about your academic performance in this class.

Student Support Services

For language and information on providing information about student support services please refer to the information listed inside of the syllabus template.