Online & Blended Teaching Support

Online & Blended Teaching Support

Harper College recognizes the importance of providing faculty with training and resources for developing and delivering quality online courses. The Academy for Teaching Excellence provides training, support, course quality review services, and resources for new and experienced faculty teaching online or hybrid courses at Harper College.

New to Online/Blended Teaching? Get Started Here!

Faculty who wish to teach their first online/blended course at Harper College must complete two professional development requirements: 1) training in online/blended education; and 2) a distance course development checklist with their Dean and the Academy for Teaching Excellence.

Requirement 1: Training in Online/Blended Education

Provide evidence of completion of at least one of the following options:

  • Teaching Online Successfully-Create GEC offered through the Academy for Teaching Excellence
  • Teaching Online Successfully-Facilitate GEC offered through the Academy for Teaching Excellence
  • The 6-week Teaching Online Successfully GEC offered prior to Fall 2017 through the Academy for Teaching Excellence
  • STOMP – the former online professional development course offered through CII
  • A course or certificate in online instruction through another institution that is approved by the Academy (for example – Illinois Online Network’s Master Online Teacher Certificate)

To complete this requirement:

Visit the Academy GECs page to enroll in Teaching Online-Successfully-Create or Teaching Online Successfully-Facilitate. Visit the Teaching Online Professional Development page to read about other course opportunities… or Contact the Academy for Teaching Excellence to discuss approval of equivalent training.

Requirement 2: Complete the Harper College Distance Course Development Checklist

Use the Harper College Distance Course Development Checklist attached below to document the following process:

  • Obtain approval from your Division Dean to develop/teach the proposed course
  • Complete a self-review of your course using the OSCQR (Open SUNY Course Quality Review) rubric
  • Submit your course for review by an instructional design specialist using the OSCQR rubric
  • Address feedback received through the course quality review in the OSCQR rubric
  • Obtain sign-off by the Academy for Teaching Excellence that the OSCQR review has been completed and feedback addressed

To complete this requirement:
Print the applicable checklist below and complete the first page, which includes discussing your development plans with your Division Dean.  Submit a copy of the form to the Academy for Teaching Excellence, who will assist in the completion of the checklist.


Development Schedule

Below is the development schedule for completing the distance course checklist requirement. The training requirement should be completed before the OSCQR reviews are completed:

Obtain Approval to Develop no Later ThanCourse Fully Developed No Later ThanOSCQR Reviews Completed No Later ThanFinal Sign-Off from Academy No Later ThanTerm of Initial Course Offering
End of SeptemberEnd of JanuaryEnd of FebruaryEnd of MarchFALL LAUNCH
End of MarchEnd of JulyEnd of AugustEnd of SeptemberSPRING LAUNCH
End of SeptemberEnd of JanuaryEnd of FebruaryEnd of MarchSUMMER LAUNCH

Maintaining Quality Online/Blended Courses at Harper

OSCQR Rubric

Online & Blended Teaching SupportHarper College has adopted the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric as a tool and process for ensuring quality in the design of online & blended courses.  The OSCQR rubric is made up of 50 standards that represent best practice in online and blended course design.

Explore the OSCQR rubric

Online & Blended Course Review Cycle Using OSCQR Rubric

Harper College reviews all of its online and blended courses every 5 years. Courses are reviewed using the OSCQR rubric, and reviews are completed by the faculty member teaching the course (self-review) and by another faculty member at Harper College who is trained as a peer reviewer.

Become a Trained Peer Reviewer

Peer reviewers review assigned courses as part of the online & blended course review cycle described above. A stipend of $150 is available for each completed course review.

To become a trained peer reviewer, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Have taught online and/or blended classes (W or B course sections) at Harper within the past 3 semesters
  2. Complete the OSCQR Rubric Distance Course Design Review workshop offered by the Academy. See the Teaching Online Professional Development page for descriptions and links to register.

Contact the Academy at 847.925.6174 or with questions about becoming a Peer Reviewer.

Peer Reviewers at Harper College

The following faculty have completed the required training and experience and are qualified Peer Reviewers at Harper College. We thank them for their service and dedication to quality online/blended course design at Harper College!

Dave Braunschweig, Computer Information Systems
Malathy Chandrasekar, Economics
Becky Curtin, Computer Information Systems
Enrique D’Amico, Web
Rita Gura, Physical Therapy
Stephanie Horton, English
Jolanta Jaskolowski, Philosophy
Caryn Levington, Student Development/Psychology
Jonathan Loos, Kinesiology & Health Education
Dawn McKinley, Accounting
Cindy Miller, Computer Information Systems
Pardess Mitchell, Kinesiology & Health Education
George Mochocki, Management
Jamie Nolan, Marketing
Sharon Page, Management
Elizabeth Pagenkopf, Nursing
Cari Paterno, Psychology
Crystal Peirce, Biology
Tedd Prater, Web
Marcus Reznicek, History
Michael Sletten, Computer Information Systems
Amanda Smothers, English
Dominique Svarc, Accounting
Jessica Whitcomb, Spanish