Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources

Research shows that a typical college student spends between $600 and $1,200 a year on books and supplies. At these rates, reducing or eliminating textbook costs could be the equivalent of giving Harper students their fourth semester free! The Academy for Teaching Excellence provides assistance and information on current best practices for implementing OER in courses.

OER Transformation Grant

To reduce textbook and course material costs primarily through the adoption, adaptation and creation of free Open Educational Resources (OER), Harper College has allocated strategic plan funding for OER Transformation Grants. These grants are intended to support faculty efforts to reduce the costs associated with textbooks and course materials while maintaining high quality course design and instruction. If you are interested in replacing costly textbooks and course materials for your course(s) with OER or low-cost/no-cost alternatives for students, this grant opportunity is for you.

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Interested in OER?

Are you interested in learning more about OER? Not sure where to start? Please contact Dave Braunschweig, Professor, Computer Information Systems and Chair for the OER Task Force at