Reflections on Student Success Community of Practice: Join Now!The Reflections on Student Success Community of Practice is the one of the original communities through the Academy for Teaching Excellence. Our original community was entitled Reflective Teaching Practices and focused on creating new programs and/or resources, both digital and interpersonal, that will help adjunct faculty develop professional artifacts like teaching philosophies. After forming our goals at the Teaching and Learning National Institute (TLNI) Conference in the summer of 2017, we worked with a select group of adjuncts to help achieve these goals.

Since the Spring 2019 semester our CoP has shifted our mission, and title, to highlight and celebrate faculty across campus. Select faculty members have highlighted a specific student success story resulting from applying and embracing a new pedagogical method or path of student interaction. One example is a feature on Olivia Barker, Adjunct Faculty Level II, World Languages: Reflections on Student Success: Olivia Barker.

We aim to continue our faculty features while searching out newer avenues of highlighting faculty success stories in possible podcasts and possibly even work with the Harper Harbinger student newspaper. We would like to recruit new members to help with our mission of sharing the impactful work of our Harper faculty.


  • Steven Titus – Adjunct, Level II: English and Humanities
  • Crystal Peirce – Full-time: Biology
  • Nancy Moore – Adjunct: ESL/Linguistics

If you are interested in joining this CoP or have questions, please contact Steven Titus at: