Meet Brianne Mangione, Diverse Faculty Fellow

Brianne, with her husband and dog.

It was a chance moment. Brianne Mangione was standing outside a classroom when Chuck Knittle, adjunct faculty in Paralegal Studies, noticed her and asked, “Do you need help?” He probably thought Brianne was a student; however, she is one of this year’s Diverse Faculty Fellows. The two struck up a conversation that turned into an opportunity for her to observe him teaching – exactly the type of experience a Fellow is encouraged to pursue. For Brianne, this interaction reflects the welcoming feeling and sense of community she has encountered at nearly every turn at Harper. “It meant a lot to me that someone would go out of his way and start talking to me. Harper puts the community in community college,” noted Brianne. “I feel very supported – by my division and my dean, Kathy Bruce; DREAM and my mentor, Nellie Khalil; my department and department chair, Pardess Mitchell; the Academy for Teaching Excellence; and even by people in the hallway. Everyone I have met is so nice and helpful. They go out of their way to ask if I need anything.”

Prior to Harper, Brianne taught at Waubonsee Community College as an adjunct, which she admits is a different type of experience from being a Diverse Faculty Fellow. “Being on Harper’s campus full-time provides me with so many opportunities to be involved…”

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