Submitted by Stephanie Whalen, Academy Chair, English & Interdisciplinary Studies

The 2021 Communities of Practice Share-ousel took place virtually on Friday, April 30, 2021 with nine Communities of Practice sharing posters with pre-recorded narration explaining their goals and progress for the year. The participating CoPs were: The Art of Teaching for Equity; Early Career Faculty; Grit, Growth Mindset, and Metacognition; Incorporating Technology Forging Diversity in Music Academia; Relating to Students: Making Connections; Teaching with Games; Teaching Information Literacy; Teaching with Geospatial Technologies; and Universal Design for Learning. This year’s CoP members are listed on the CoP Directory Page.

Watch the video presentation of the posters and view the posters in PowerPoint with links to any artifacts CoPs wanted to share.

Communities of Practice Share-ousel 2021

Each CoP went to a breakout room to review other groups’ posters together and leave feedback on promising ideas, questions, suggestions, and other ideas in an online form. Each attendee also voted on groups that stood out in innovation, assessment, sharing, and poster design; recognition awards were announced at the end of the event.

The Recognition Awards went to:

  • Innovation
    • 1st – Teaching With Games
    • 2nd – Incorporating Technology Forging Diversity in Music Academia
  • Assessment
    • 1st – Grit, Growth Mindset & Metacognition
    • 2nd – Making Connections: Relating to Students
  • Sharing
    • 1st – Teaching With Games
    • 2nd – Early Career Faculty
  • Poster
    • 1st – Teaching With Geospatial Technologies
    • 2nd – Making Connections: Relating to Students

This year, we also added an award of CoP of the Year based on most overall votes. The award went to: Teaching with Games Members: Stephanie Adair, Philosophy; Lisa Busto, Accounting; Patricia Lacy, Health Careers (not pictured); Luisel Lemkau, Chemistry (not pictured); Brianne Mangione, Kinesiology (not pictured); Kelly Page, Physical Sciences; Kathleen Sachs, World Languages; David Schaffer, Liberal Arts (not pictured); Rebecca Scott, Philosophy; Bethanie-Michelle Statler, Mathematics and Science.

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