Call for Speakers: TEDxHarperCollege 2019Submitted by Becki Suthers, Communications

TEDxHarperCollege returns to campus Wednesday, October 9, 2019!

Join the ranks of your fellow faculty members who have graced the TEDx stage by applying to be a speaker!

This year’s theme is “Becoming Extraordinary” and we’re looking for speakers representing a broad range of extraordinary — from scientists working on research that could change the world, to the person who has uncovered an extraordinary way to save time, and everything in between.

Applications close Sunday, August 18, so apply now!

Check out these past TEDxHarperCollege talks by fellow Harper faculty/staff:

  • Maham Khan, Communication Arts: “Harper College: How Real Dialogue Saved us and Paved us”
  • Sarah Mikulski, Language Lab Coordinator: “Lessons from Mom: How to Help a Loved One with a Mental Illness”
  • Jalen Little, Admissions Specialist: “There’s Music in All of Us”
  • DuBoi McCarty, Student Development: “Your Manual to Life”
  • Edgar Gabriel, Continuing Education: “Improvisation for a Better Future”
  • Gary Midkiff, Continuing Education: “Consuming News: Then and Now”