Relating to Students: Making Connections


Student success is enhanced by creating an inclusive community in which all involved members feel valued. This Community of Practice will focus on effective strategies for faculty/staff to communicate with students. Some of the topics covered will include strategies for:

  • creating inclusive learning communities
  • developing healthy boundaries and self-care
  • practicing effective, clear communication
  • conducting difficult conversations
  • promoting student responsibility and advocacy


Facilitators: Pascuala Herrera and Kathleen Reynolds

  • Tong Cheng, Biology, Mathematics &Science
  • Gerardo Cruz, World Language, Liberal Arts
  • Michelle Decanio, ADS, Student Development
  • Mary Gawienowski, ESL & Linguistics, Liberal Arts
  • Pascuala Herrera, ADS, Student Development
  • Kathleen Reynolds, ESL & Linguistics, Liberal Arts
  • Ellen Ward, ADS, Student Development





The artifacts that will be found below have been developed by members of the Relating to Students: Making Connections Community of Practice.