Angela Rasmussen, Spokane Community College

Full TILT: Transparency in Learning and Teaching to Increase Student, Faculty, and Institutional Success

The Transparency in Learning and Teaching Framework (Winkelmes, Boyne, & Tapp, 2019) is centered on teaching students about more than just the subject matter by illuminating your rationale for how and why you’ve chosen to shape their learning experiences. At Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) research institutions, students are persisting at 13-15% higher rates through increased confidence, belonging, and metacognitive awareness (Winkelmes, 2019). Further, application of TILT principles to teaching and institutional processes serves as a social justice initiative as it produces the greatest gains for systemically non-dominant student groups.

Join us at the Faculty Retreat in March when Angela Rasmussen from Spokane Community College will guide us through the research, principles, and applications of TILT-ing our work. Our efforts to increase transparency from the course to institutional level can demystify the college experience to provide underserved students with more equitable engagement. These evidence-based strategies will make clear the value of course content and support positive outcome expectancies. Approaching our work through TILT-ed lenses can also enhance communications, meetings, and initiatives to streamline and enrich our collaborative efforts across campus. Faculty examples of “TILT-ed” materials for teaching and work with colleagues will be shared, and participants will generate ideas for how they can TILT their work.

All faculty (full-time and adjunct) are invited to attend all or part of the retreat. The retreat will be fully funded; no individual professional development funds will be required.

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Winkelmes, M.-A., Boyne, A., & Tapp, S. (2019). Transparent design in higher education teaching and leadership: A guide to implementing the transparency framework institution-wide to improve learning and retention.