What is Action Research?Submitted by Joyce Wisniewski, ESL & Linguistics and Pardess Mitchell, Kinesiology & Health Education

Sometimes research can feel cumbersome and irrelevant. Perhaps it may even feel a bit boring. However, Action Research puts a bit of a different spin on research as it can be immediately applicable to classroom practices and can require both quantitative as well as qualitative research.

This past academic year, two online courses on Action Research were offered to faculty in order to examine either classroom practices or student behavior that they felt was relevant to their students’ success. Many of the projects included topics like homework practices, study skills, motivation, textbook compliance, writing support, exit tickets, exam wrappers, and incorporating student outcomes in the class lesson.

Starting next week, faculty and students will be able to view several virtual posters that faculty created with their findings. Please be sure to look for them on HIP and vote on your favorite one here! You may just get a prize for voting.

Also, be on the lookout for another Action Research GEC for Fall 2019. Here is what some of our participants have said regarding the course:

  • “I liked the online format and the clear expectations each week. The discussion boards were surprisingly impactful (I usually dread DBs and have a hard time getting and providing value) and I think we had an unusually friendly and supportive group of colleagues in this class. I also met a couple of times with a small group and that was very beneficial.”
  • “Loved it and learned a lot of useful information.”
  • “I enjoyed doing the project, it was very hands-on and insightful.”
  • “Best GEC I’ve ever taken!” 

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