Here are 10 tips and tricks you can start using in your Blackboard course today:

  1. Customize your course menu. 0:06
  2. Add a banner to your course. 2:11
  3. Include a course link in an announcement. 2:50
  4. Set announcements or course materials on a timed release. 3:58
  5. Insert a YouTube video into your course. 6:19
  6. Send emails to members of your course through Blackboard. 8:55
  7. Use adaptive release to direct student progress. 10:17
  8. Allow students to subscribe to discussion forums and threads. 11:55
  9. Use grading color codes in the grade book. 15:08
  10. Use the snipping tool in Windows to capture images. 16:44

These were demonstrated in the Teaching Online Successfully working lab on 10/4/2016.

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