In preparation for the Fall 2021 semester, we are offering an opportunity for instructors to learn more about the Swivl, which is a video recording option for the classroom. The Swivl is a robotic mount that works with a mobile device to easily capture presentations, lectures, and more. The Swivl offers one touch recording and is designed to track the presenter, record audio, and even screen-share. The Swivl can also connect with web-conferencing tools to give students a view of the classroom, the board, and instructor, while maintaining audio quality. Recordings are instantly uploaded to the Swivl cloud, where the videos can be easily shared. Here’s is a brief overview video of how the Swivl works.

Swivl: Video Option for the Classroom

To learn more, the Academy will present an online demo of the Swivl on June 24, 2021 at 1 p.m. During this demonstration, you will learn about the Swivl setup and how it can be used in your classroom, along with the opportunity to ask questions. If you are interested in attending this demo, please register here to receive an invite via Webex.

Currently, the Academy has 6 Swivls available. If there is more interest from faculty, we will be able to purchase additional Swivls to meet demand. Attending this demo would be a great opportunity to see if the Swivl is the right option for you.

Please reach out to Janet Woods, if you have any questions!