Sustaining the Professional Self for Deep WorkIn response to feedback on the struggles of time management from the Barriers to Professional Development survey, the Academy is offering a new workshop, “Sustaining The Professional Self for Deep Work” in which participants will rediscover the joy of meaningful engagement at home and at work through careful consideration of how and when they invest their energy. All employees are welcome to participate in this workshop.

Do you ever feel like you are dividing your attention among many competing needs without generating much satisfaction? Have you grown weary of feeling like you aren’t really accomplishing anything substantive? If so, perhaps you would benefit from an opportunity to explore ways to dedicate your energy to the experiences that will have the most impact on your personal and professional lives and leave you feeling motivated and energized. Join us for a workshop on addressing common stressors busy education professionals face, developing a narrative for celebrating efforts and exercising self-compassion, creating a framework for prioritizing self-care, and carving out time for engaging in deep work.

Participants will complete a series of reflective activities that will allow them to evaluate their current practices and develop tools for improved life satisfaction, including addressing stressors using an empathic communication model, conducting a self-assessment to evaluate self-care, and securing prime times for sustained focus on deep work. The content for these activities is based on the work in sustaining the professional self by Allison Boye at Texas Tech University and Adam Smith at Texas A&M; the communication model for addressing stressors is adapted from the Marshall Rosenberg’s Center for Non-Violent Communication.

  • Facilitator: Stephanie Whalen, Chair, Academy for Teaching Excellence and Associate Professor, English and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Two sessions to choose from:
    • Thursday, February 14, 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
    • Friday, February 15, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Location: Building F, Room F315
  • CEUs: 0.1
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Questions? Please contact the Academy at 847.925.6174,