Students Love Learning!Submitted by the Learning Assessment Committee

Did you see us at Hullabaloo?

We’re taking our excitement about student learning right to Harper students! Our Hullabaloo Quiz Booth showcasing our General Education Learning Outcomes was a rousing success! The students had a lot of fun, and each student took home a fun pen featuring the Gen Ed Outcomes.

Want pens to share with your students, or even one for yourself? Send us an email!

Why should our students care about learning outcomes?

The General Education Learning Outcomes are achieved as a result of successful completion of Harper’s general education requirements for any degree program. These outcomes represent the knowledge and skills that ensure our students are ready for transfer to four-year universities and can be successful in their future careers. In fact, many of Harper’s General Education outcomes align with the competencies the National Association of Colleges and Employers define for career readiness.

How can you communicate with students about learning (and assessment)?

It might seem daunting to start discussing learning and assessment with your students, but it’s well worth the rewards. Saundra McGuire, this year’s assessment conference keynote speaker, will share how Teaching Students How to Learn—and giving substantive feedback—can improve their success in your course and beyond.

Check out these other ideas for involving students in learning and assessment:

How do YOU communicate with students about learning?

Did you find your students were interested in the Critical Thinking assessment last spring? Or did your students start a great conversation when you shared a rubric in class?  We want to hear from you! Share your story!