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Student success is at the heart of Harper’s mission. Our early alert tool, Starfish, is used to facilitate communication among students, faculty, and advisors regarding students’ academic achievements and areas for improvement. In addition to awarding kudos to acknowledge excellent performance, Starfish is also used by faculty to raise concerns and to direct students to free resources such as the Academic Support Center and Hawks Care Resource Center.

Provide Students Early Feedback and Connect Them to Critical Campus Resources
  • All credit students are in the Starfish system. This allows faculty to give a kudos or raise a flag for any of their students at any time of the semester.
  • In addition, many faculty members will receive requests during the semester to submit a Progress Survey for a subset of their students.
    • Students who appear on surveys may include those affiliated with high-stake programs or those where data may indicate a lower likelihood of persistence.
    • No feedback? When filling out a Progress Survey, you do not have to select a flag or kudo for every student. If you leave all of the check boxes blank for a student, no feedback is assumed, and no notifications will be sent. To indicate no feedback for an entire survey, simply open the Progress Survey and click the “Submit” button.
    • Please see the first toggle below for the Fall 2021 Progress Survey schedule by the associated Part of Term.
    • Progress Surveys remain open until 11 p.m. on the designated due date.
    • Please see the second toggle below for descriptions of Starfish flag options.

Faculty may contact or 847.925.6220 for Starfish assistance.

Fall 2021 Progress Survey Schedule
Description of Starfish Flag Options

Provide Students Early Feedback and Connect Them to Critical Campus Resources