Quick Activity to Teach Your Students Information LiteracySubmitted by Kristin Allen, Library Services

Think you would never use Wikipedia in the classroom? Think again! Check out this quick information literacy activity from the Harper College Library:

Have your students compare and contrast an article from Wikipedia with an article from a general or specialized encyclopedia (ex: Encyclopedia Britannica or Encyclopedia of World Cultures), analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each. This quick activity will help students critically evaluate information from two different sources and determine each source’s credibility.

Also, if you would like help developing or refining your information literacy assignments, contact your department’s liaison librarian or email us at lrcrefdk@harpercollege.edu. Also, if you would like to schedule a library instruction class where a librarian will teach your students about plagiarism, citations, library resources, etc., please fill out the instructional request form on the library website.