Mini-Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for mini-grants?
Only full-time faculty members can apply for these grants.
What is the difference between a teaching/learning mini-grant and an instructional technology mini-grant?
A Teaching/Learning Mini-grant includes an activity/project/conference that stimulates new approaches to teaching and learning that creates an impact on students.

An Instructional Technology Mini-grant utilizes technology as a tool in the teaching and learning process. This also includes development of material that may be available via the Internet or by other means.

Note: These grants are not for acquiring capital equipment; website maintenance; or departmental expenses and budget items.

How much money can I get from the mini-grant?
Awards are generally $2500 or less.
Would I be willing/able to attend the conference if I did not receive any monies from the mini-grant?
If this is a valuable experience for you, you should be willing to pay the expenses out of your professional and personal funds.
Do I need to use my professional development funds first?
If you have monies remaining after your budgeted expenses, we expect that you utilize those first. Mini-grant money will be awarded based on that.

If you require full funding, please indicate that on your application.

Can I get a Travel Advance for the funds awarded?
If the mini-grant is awarded, you may apply for a travel advance (see Travel Advance Agreement on bottom of Harper College Travel Request Form).
What if the activity occurs in the summer when school is not in session?
Mini-grants can be approved for the next fiscal year if submitted and approved prior to the May meeting.

The key to apply for a mini-grant is to apply as early as possible.

What do I need to do to apply for a mini-grant?
  • Plan early and allow sufficient time for application process.
  • Discuss your intent to apply for the mini-grant and get prior approval from your Department Chair/designee and the Dean.
  • If this involves international travel, permission must be obtained from the Provost and President before consideration of application.
  • On the portal, download and complete the application at: Faculty and Staff; Career & Benefit; Faculty & Staff Development and Evaluation; Academy for Teaching Excellence; Awards & Grants.
  • Obtain Department Chair/designee or Coordinators response and the Divisions Dean’s Response and signatures (Section VIII and IX)
  • Provide a copy of the brochure/conference or related information in your application. You may include the URL but we require a hard copy.
  • If you are attending a conference, provide detailed description of specific lectures that you intend to attend and specify why this is beneficial to your teaching.
  • Provide specific plan of how you will share the information obtained with the Harper Community.
  • Download, complete, and have Dean sign the Travel and Reimbursement Form. This form is located on the Portal; Career & Benefits; Faculty and Staff Development and Evaluation; under the Professional Reimbursement tab.
  • Email your completed application to
  • Send one hard copy with all signatures to Katie Michelau in F317.
What are some tips for filling out the application completely?
Select whether this is a Teaching and Learning Grant or an Instructional Technology Grant and include Project Title; Submitted by; Department or Area/Division; and Date.

Section I: Project Description – provide a detailed description of purpose, objectives, activities. If you are attending a conference, specify which sessions you intend to attend and a hard copy of the brochure. A URL may be included but the committee does require a hard copy with the application.

Section II or III: fill out the appropriate section and provide a detailed description of what will be learned and applied and/or how this proposal fosters the use of technology at Harper College.

Section IV: Specify how this will be shared with the Harper Community.

Section V: Specify the Implementation Plan and Time Frame.

Section VI: Budget

  • It is helpful to have exact amounts for the expenses. Include all that apply.
  • Airfare: The cost of airfare varies greatly so it is helpful to search for a good fare. You can utilize Harper’s travel company or book it yourself.
  • Hotel: Call the hotel and find out the total costs for one day (including taxes and any fees). Multiply this by the actual number of nights you will be staying.
  • Transportation: Calculate your costs (to and from) here and in the city you will be visiting. If traveling by car, use the mileage rates per the government.
  • Meals: Calculate per diem rates using
    • Enter the city and state and appropriate fiscal year, and look for M & IE (meals & incidental expenses) amount
    • Review Meals and Incidental Expenses Breakdown. This provides valuable information regarding the first and last day of travel (calculated at 75%) and breakdown of meals.
    • Note: The accounting department will review all charges and payment of funds. The Grants and Awards Subcommittee does not have the authority to approve all expenses listed in the mini-grant application.
  • Meeting Expenses: Include conference rate and pre-conference rate if applicable.

Section VII: Check the appropriate box after evaluating your intended professional development expenses.

  • I/We have spent all of my/our professional expense money this year.
  • I/We plan to use my/our professional expense money for … (please specify).
  • I/We have some professional expense money left to help defray the cost of this project. (Please indicate how much money is available)
  • Professional expenses do not apply to this project.

Section VIII and IX: Obtain Department Chair/designee or Coordinators response and the Divisions Dean’s Response and signatures

Email completed application to

Send hard copy with all signatures to Katie Michelau in F317.

How soon will I find out if I am awarded a mini-grant?

The Grants and Awards subcommittee meets on Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 7 and Dec. 5 in 2019, Feb. 6, March 5, April 2 and May 7 in 2020. Please submit your application 1 week in advance of the subcommittee meeting. Applications will be reviewed at that time and applicants will be notified in one week. If the application needs to be revised or is incomplete, there will be a delay in the award.

Your application will be reviewed at the subcommittees monthly meeting, which may not coincide with your timeline.

What do I need to do after completion of project/conference/activity?
You need to download and complete the Final Report. This must be submitted to the within two weeks after completion.

Complete the Travel and Reimbursement Form within two weeks, submit to your Dean, and it will be forwarded to the accounting department.

Share with the Harper Community within 6 months.

Written by Karen Chandra – Chairman of Grants and Awards Subcommittee.