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Planning for a Rapid Transition to Online Instruction

TILT-A-Course Luau

The TILT-A-Course Luau is an intensive three-day workshop based on the Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) framework and Harper’s overall commitment to course quality. The Luau is an opportunity for faculty to focus on redesigning a specific, currently...

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Reflections on Student Success

Submitted by Steven Titus, English Quite often in education a teacher might question whether their material is accessible and will impact the lives of their students beyond the hours spent with them in the classroom. After teaching for ten years in the English and...

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Online Discussion Boards: Save Time & Increase Engagement

A recent article from Faculty Focus explores ways to create discussions that support student learning and engagement with the material and each other. Link to article: "Organic Online Discussions: Saving Time and Increasing Engagement" Harper OSCQR Rubric: Guide for...

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