No Time to Waste!Submitted by Student Development

Here we are – in the fall semester! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to learn more about Starfish and advising during Orientation Week. Our advisors are ready to partner with you to help ensure that our students start strong and finish strong this semester. Don’t forget – you don’t need to wait for the first Starfish survey to provide input and feedback about how students are doing. You can pop into Starfish and “raise a flag” AT ANY TIME. Speaking of time…we know that the biggest challenge for some students is tackling those time challenges. You know what we mean – getting organized and staying organized – especially in our online modality this semester. We’ve hit that topic hard during new student orientation…but we also know our students are juggling a lot.

Here’s a timely fact. Beth Ripperger, Manager, Employee and Student Wellness, recently received the results from the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey completed last spring and students were pretty honest about how procrastination and poor time management negatively impact them. In fact, 42% of Harper students reported procrastination as the #1 impediment to their academic performance. Luckily, the team in the Academic Support Center and the entire Student Development Division are on deck as well – everyone wants students to get organized, stay on track and succeed. Be sure to reach out to our lead advisors (, 847.925.6220) if you have any questions about how Starfish can be used to connect students to campus resources.

Oh – and one last thing! Here’s a just-for-fun Tik Tok reminder for students, courtesy of Beth Ripperger: Harper Wellness: Tik Tok Reminder.