May Day Culture of Care DiscussionAre you interested in learning more about how to show care and concern for students while still maintaining high academic standards? The Spring 2018 Faculty/Staff Orientation Week panel discussion on “Empathy and Rigor: Culture of Care in the Classroom” generated overwhelming enthusiasm around this topic, and The Student Experience Goal Team will continue the conversation with a May Day event.

May 1, May Day in the United States, was traditionally a day for friends and neighbors to show kindness to each other by exchanging treats and flowers. Join us to explore practices for extending kindness to students and colleagues while maintaining rigor. We’ll explore essential questions (like what to do about students who try, but fail?) and more. Members of the Curriculum and Instruction Goal Team will join us to introduce some high-impact practices you can implement in your classroom. In the spirit of May Day, you can also make some crafts to spread empathy and kindness!

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