Submitted by Cari Paterno, Psychology and Khursheed Ichhaporia, BiologyMaking the Learning Process Visible to Students

How can Harper faculty improve student learning? Teach students metacognitive awareness so that they can understand how they learn and plan, monitor, and adjust their approach to learning. Dr. Sandra McGuire, author of Teach Students How to Learn, presented research at Harper’s Assessment Fair to advocate for instruction of metacognitive strategies for note-taking, studying, and taking exams right along with the subject area material. Even incorporating one learning strategy per semester in your discipline will help students develop an effective approach to studying and increase their confidence. As Dr. McGuire shared, making the learning process in your discipline visible will help students persist, even when they experience failure.

Interested in implementing some metacognitive learning strategy instruction in your classes? We are actively seeking new members for our Community of Practice, Grit, Growth Mindset & Metacognition. The purpose of this Community of Practice is to facilitate a discussion about enhancing student learning through the understanding of Grit, Growth Intelligence Mindset, and the use of metacognitive strategies. The group discusses the work done by Carol Dweck, Angela Duckworth, and Eduardo Briceno on Grit. Additionally, the group discusses the growth mindset module designed by PERTS, a Stanford research group, and it’s effect on student engagement and motivation. This work is applicable to all disciplines.

Members will discuss various ways in which these concepts can enhance student learning and will develop applicable strategies for use in the classroom. An understanding of related research will enhance participants’ approach to teaching. This newly forming CoP is currently meeting on Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., approximately once every three weeks.

Please contact the Academy ( or the facilitator of the CoP, Khursheed Ichhaporia ( if you are interested in joining!