Submitted by Jennifer Lau-Bond, Library Services

Online or on campus, the Library has you covered! We’re offering library instruction both in-person and online for Fall 2021 semester.

If your class meets on campus, a librarian can do an in-person session with you and your students. On campus capacity is limited, though, so if it doesn’t meet your needs or if your class is entirely online, the Library still has a wide variety of virtual options.

Online and On-Campus Library Instruction

Virtual options include an embedded librarian (personal librarian for your class in Blackboard), live online presentations in Webex or Collaborate, and asynchronous videos to meet student needs “on demand.” None of those work for you? Maybe you’d like to assign students to make research appointments with librarians to receive personal library instruction without sacrificing class time.

Find out more about the possibilities and get a link to the form for requesting instruction on our Library and Information Literacy Instruction page. Or if you’d like to discuss other ways the Library can help you ensure your students are learning information literacy skills and taking advantage of all that Harper has to offer, get in touch with Jennifer Lau-Bond, Coordinator of Library Instruction at