Submitted by Richard Johnson, Director, Office of International EducationLearning Assessment Community of Practice: Highlights to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

“It was 9 months ago today
(give or take a week, I’d say)
that our little group came to be
the Learning Assessment CoP.
We all figured out what to do,
and now we’re ready to share with you
assessment projects that are gonna blow your mind!”

With apologies to the Beatles, we would like to highlight the work of the Learning Assessment Community of Practice.

For the past two semesters, we have met as a group to discuss research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and other issues related to assessment. We have shared information and resources that might be used to develop, expand, and inform our own disciplines on assessment techniques and issues. Through our work, we hope to enrich and improve campus conversations related to assessment by serving as a forum for the exchange of relevant ideas, practices, tools, and theories related to assessment.

Each member of the CoP has designed and undertaken their own assessment projects. Individual projects conducted this year have included developing a General Education assessment dashboard and webpage, creating rubrics for the college’s Global Learning Outcomes, mapping final exam questions to course-level outcomes, and developing an ePortfolio platform to provide electronic assessment options across a curriculum, to mention only a few.

We have ambitious plans for our next year as well. Since one of principal goals is to share knowledge and information on a regular basis, we are designing a series of faculty development opportunities around assessment. The group also hopes to work with the Learning Assessment Committee to offer a GEC themed on our Diverse Perspectives general education outcome and build a resource library and repository for assessment materials for the benefit of all faculty.

If any of this information resonates with you and/or you are interested in learning more about assessment at Harper College, consider joining our Learning Assessment Community of Practice! It’s as easy as sending us an email:

“I don’t really want to stop the flow,
but you probably really want to know
how you can get involved with us
without going through a lot of fuss.
So let me just stop and say,
you can send us an email any day
and join us on the Learning Assessment CoP!”