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Professional Development Opportunities

The Teaching and Learning Strategic Goal team at Harper College is working to increase participation in professional development related to interculturally competent teaching practices. Our team crafted a definition based on Darla Deardorff’s work, “Intercultural Competence: A Definition, Model, and Implications for Education Abroad.” The definition reads: Interculturally competent pedagogies refer to a variety of methods and practices of teaching that promote among learners the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to communicate and work across cultural, social, and personal differences.

To be inclusive of a variety of topics and formats for professional development, our goal team curates each semester a list of internal and external professional development offerings that align with this definition. Participation in internal offerings will count towards our participation goal of 75% of faculty. For external programs, we ask that you complete this short reflection form so that we may count your participation. If you attended an external program that you believe aligns with this definition, please include those details on the reflection form. Participation will be aggregated, and individual names will be removed when reporting.

Please help us improve our list of professional development opportunities that meet our definition. Take this short survey to share your ideas with us and make us aware of professional development opportunities that are not currently on our list. This list will continue to evolve and grow with your help.

Please browse the tables below for a list of opportunities available during the Spring 2023 semester:

Harper College Opportunities


Campus Conversations: Equity DialogueHarperJanuary 11, 2023In personFreeLearn more
Equity and Pedagogy: Developing a Shared VisionHarperJanuary 12, 2023In person or onlineFreeLearn more
Creating an Accessible Learning Environment for Students with DisabilitiesAcademyJanuary 23 – March 17, 2023Online/Graduate Equivalency CourseFreeLearn more
Equity Teaching Academy: Reflect on EquityAcademyFebruary 1 – March 8, 2023Online/Graduate Equivalency CourseFreeLearn more
Creating Equitable Learning Experiences: An Introduction to the Enacting Equity Course Review ToolAcademyFebruary 9, 2023In person or onlineFreeLearn more
Equity Teaching Academy: Redesign for EquityAcademyMarch 16 – April 27, 2023Online/Graduate Equivalency CourseFreeLearn more
The Applying Equity Matrix (AEMy): A Tool for Identifying and Sharing Supportive StrategiesAcademyMarch 22, 2023In person or onlineFreeLearn more

Professional Development Day

Sessions: Prioritizing Pronouns and Preferred Names; Everything I Know about Creating an Accessible Classroom I Learned from the Brooklyn Dodgers!; Campus Conversations: Equity Dialogue Series – Why Is Racial Equity Particularly Important?; Whose Culture Is (Our) Institutional Culture?; Make Your Documents More Accessible/Equitable; Understanding Interpreting and Captioning Through the DEI Lens; Diversity and Inclusion on University Campuses; What do we talk about when we talk about equity? 

HarperApril 6, 2023In person or onlineFreeLearn more
Faculty Retreat: Keynote Address & Breakout Session with Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade AcademyApril 14, 2023In personFreeLearn more
Faculty Retreat: Equity and Pedagogy, Part 2 – Creating a Shared VisionAcademyApril 15, 2023In personFree Learn more
Become an Ally Advocate: Improve the Accessibility of Course Materials With Ally for BlackboardAcademyOn-demandOnline/webinarFreeLearn more


External Opportunities


Reboot Your Class by Teaching with Presence and CompassionNISODFebruary 3, 2022Online/webinarURL
Multiple Pathways to the Language Learner’s Brain: Enhancing and Energizing InstructionNISODFebruary 23, 2022
March 4, 2022
Using Restorative Practices to Interrupt and Address Microaggressions in the ClassroomNISODMarch 7, 2022Online/webinarURL
OPEN Math – Inclusive Active Learning in Introductory Mathematics CoursesMAAJune 6 – June 10, 2022Online/webinar$75URL

Note: For external programs, we ask that you complete this short reflection form so that we may count your participation. If you attended an external program that you believe aligns with this definition, please include those details on the reflection form.

Additional Resources, Websites, and Opportunities


National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD)

Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment, and Research (CILMAR) 

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) 

The National Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Project (SEED) 

Social Justice Training Institute

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education


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