Menu card with line drawings of medal, music note, pencil, target, technology, trophyGlenn Reich, former Director of User Services at Harper College, believed in a humanistic, collaborative approach to instructional technology. He encouraged faculty and staff to invest their energy in the technology that he knew would dramatically affect our world and believed every academic discipline should expose students to technology and assist them to become more comfortable with it. The Glenn A. Reich Memorial Faculty Award for Instructional Technology is devoted to realizing and carrying forward that vision.

Recent award winners:

  • 2019: Mark Healy, Economics
  • 2018: Brett Fulkerson-Smith, Philosophy (learn more)
  • 2017: Pardess Mitchell, Kinesiology & Health Education (learn more)

To be considered for the $1,000 award, applicants must submit a description of the instructional technology or technologies they have used or are using, an explanation of how it has enhanced the teaching and learning process, and a description of how they envision its future use.

Applications will be evaluated based upon innovation, creativity, teaching/learning evolution, shared knowledge, and future teaching/learning application.

View and download the application. The application deadline is Monday, November 2, 2020.