Getting Ready for Finals: Online Testing and Alternative AssessmentsAs we approach the end of the spring semester, many faculty are wondering about the best way to deploy or adapt their final exams in a way that allows them to evaluate student learning while being flexible and understanding of the difficult situation that many of our students are in. In some cases, alternative assessments such as student presentations, contextual applications, reflective journals, narrated problem solving, open-book exams with multiple attempts, or capstone projects may be suitable replacements to traditional final exams.

In this webinar (hosted on Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, April 30, 2020), we shared strategies for developing these comprehensive assessments quickly and communicating expectations to students should you decide to offer an alternative to your traditional final exam. If you still need to administer a traditional final exam, we also shared best practices and tips from the experts for doing so inside of Blackboard in a way that sets students up to perform their best while maintaining academic integrity in both unproctored and proctored environments.

As you prepare for final exams/alternative assessments you may find the resources here to be of assistance as well: Online Testing and Alternative Assessments.

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