The Academy for Teaching Excellence is now offering all Graduate Equivalency Courses (GECs) at no-cost in a one year trial period beginning September 2016. The move follows on the heels of the recent elimination of fees for Teaching Online Successfully, a course that prepares and supports faculty who are designing and teaching an online course for the first time.

As preparations were made to eliminate the process for obtaining fees for this particular GEC, it became apparent that the elimination of fees for all GEC courses would better serve faculty, and hopefully increase participation in GECs which support faculty members’ intellectual growth and development.

According to Mike Bates, Associate Dean of the Academy for Teaching Excellence, “eliminating the fees for GECs streamlines the registration process, and we hope this will increase the number of faculty who register for GECs.” However, the cost of offering GEC courses, which includes paying the GEC instructors, are now being absorbed by the Academy for Teaching Excellence. “Running it as a trial allows us to determine if it is financially sustainable,” added Bates. “We’re not sure, but we wanted to try. The Academy will offer a variety of courses that we hope the faculty will find compelling.”

View upcoming GECs and register online. Please Note: Registration for all GECs is now available on the GEC Registration page of the Academy for Teaching Excellence website. Registration is no longer required through SIS.

Questions? Please contact the Academy for Teaching Excellence at 847.925.6174,