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Psychological Services

  1. Services are for students voluntarily seeking assistance. By law, students have the right to participate in or decline to participate in services. Faculty cannot mandate students participate in services.
  2. To be service eligible, students must be currently enrolled in 6+ credit or ESL hours in fall or spring, or in 3+ credit or ESL hours in summer.
  3. The student benefit consists of a mental health screening assessment leading to campus or community referral(s) intended to effectively address the students' concerns.
  4. Students can come to A 364 or call (847) 925-6268 to schedule an appointment. Note: our office is open when most classes are in session:
  5. Services are confidential by law, with few exceptions.
  6. Any member of the campus community including students, faculty, and staff who are experiencing emotional crises that do not involve immediate safety issues are welcome to visit our office.
  7. Immediate safety issues should always be referred to Harper Police (x 6330). They will involve our office as needed and at their discretion once safety concerns have been resolved.
  8. We provide a good deal of consultation to faculty; focus is usually on classroom management, referral strategies, and at times departmental issues (e.g., concerns about student cohorts, behavioral trends, providing informational resources through curriculum infusion/seminars, etc.).

Are you interested in sharing your support for the psychological well-being of your students? Consider adding this statement to your syllabus:

Being in college is often a time of positive as well as challenging growth as new opportunities unfold.  Students may experience a range of issues that cause barriers to learning, such as low motivation, sadness, difficulty concentrating, strained relationships, loneliness, anxiety, and problems with alcohol/drugs. These concerns may have a negative impact on your academic performance and may even impact your ability to participate in daily activities.  Harper College Psychological Services is here to assist you with addressing these and other concerns you may be experiencing.  You can learn more about the confidential mental health services available on campus; visit: for more information.

Suicide Prevention in Colleges (this is an excellent link from SAMHSA)

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