Submitted by Stephanie Whalen, Academy Chair, English & Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Retreat: Sign Up for the Friday Evening Programs (Trivia & Talent)The 50th Anniversary Faculty Retreat includes two fun programs on Friday evening! Have you signed up yet?

Trivia: “Educated Guesses”
After dinner, plan to either participate in or watch the group trivia event, “Educated Guesses.” Teams representing programs, divisions, departments, committees, areas, or just random groups of faculty are signing up—you can register as an individual looking to join a team, as a few people looking to join others to make a team, or as a complete team. We will help match individuals and small groups up to form teams as needed. Each team will host one round of trivia, including questions they generate related to Harper, their group expertise, and random topics. Teams will be contacted to submit their questions in advance.

Ideal team size is six members, but we will accommodate smaller or larger teams as well and encourage individuals looking to join a team to register so that we can put additional teams together. Trivia teams should register with a team name and indicate a captain and the group members’ affiliation on the registration form. Team captains will receive confirmation of registration and will be asked to submit questions for the round that their team will host in advance of the event. Individual or small group registrants will also be notified of their team roster prior to the event. If you have been planning to sign up, but haven’t gotten to it yet, please do so as soon as possible!

Sign up now.

Talent: “Faculty’s Faculties”
Considering that the word “faculty” actually means an innate or acquired ability or talent, faculty are talented by definition! Sign up for the “Faculty’s Faculties” night and share your gifts of speaking, music, comedy, dance, art, or other creative expressions. We have a few acts signed up so far, but we could certainly use more. If you are deliberating, please go for it! Every contribution is welcome and appreciated. If we have to, the Academy will fill in with a synchronized swimming routine, but that’s only a backup plan.

When registering, please indicate any equipment you will need for your act as well as an estimated length so that we can plan our evening line-up accordingly.

Sign up now.

Questions? Please contact me directly at 847.925.6324,