Faculty Retreat: Meet One of Our Presenters, Dr. Monica EdwardsThe 50th Anniversary Faculty Retreat will examine “Teaching Vulnerable Students in the 21st Century.” Read more about the retreat.

Meet another one of our presenters, Dr. Monica Edwards, Sociology

Dr. Monica Edwards teaches Sociology, but she is also a student of the social dynamics of her own classroom and recently became acutely concerned with the way that classroom discourse is oriented toward the extroverted. Dr. Edwards is also investigating the ways in which the classroom culture is oriented toward distraction, which may also be advantageous for some students and a substantial detriment to others who benefit from “quiet” teaching pedagogies. Through her PechaKucha presentation (20 slides x 20 seconds), Dr. Edwards will explore the learning outcomes of group work versus individual work, explain contemplative pedagogies, and share some research on meditation to improve attention and focus. Her presentation will be followed by a “discussion” method that models quiet pedagogy in which participants can explore the benefits of mindful teaching practices for vulnerable student populations, particularly students with anxiety and marginalized students such as students of color and queer students.

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