Faculty Retreat: Meet One of Our Presenters, Dr. Kirsten MatthewsPlease join us for the 50th Anniversary Faculty Retreat, in which we examine “Teaching Vulnerable Students in the 21st Century.” Read more about the program and register for all or part of the retreat.

Meet another one of our presenters, Dr. Kirsten Matthews, Psychology

Dr. Matthews has taken her role as a Psychology professor far beyond the classroom in her efforts to support students; most recently she has co-led the efforts to create resources for students in need through the Homeless and Food Insecure task force. If you walk into her office, you can see that she has food available for students who need it. Now, because of the work of the task force, there is also a food pantry on campus. One of the most important aspects of supporting our students well is having an awareness of the challenges they face in and out of the classroom. Dr. Matthews will provide information on the rise of low socioeconomic status of students in our district, campus events and resources meant to support these students, and ways that we can reach out and sustain students in need. Through her PechaKucha presentation (20 slides x 20 seconds), Professor Matthews will provide us with a deeper understanding of the challenges our students face, campus efforts to assist them, and ways that individual faculty can provide help. Her presentation will be followed by discussion on how the faculty can raise awareness, reach students in need, and provide sustainable resources.

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