Faculty Retreat: Meet One of Our Presenters, Dan LoprienoThe 50th Anniversary Faculty Retreat will examine “Teaching Vulnerable Students in the 21st Century.” Read more about the retreat.

Meet another one of our presenters, Dan Loprieno, Mathematics

Coach Loprieno has worn several different hats at Harper College. He has been a full-time faculty member in Harper’s Mathematics Department since the fall of 1991 and has also served as a wrestling coach at Harper since 1989. Many people might not know that Coach Loprieno was that also a student at Harper in the mid 80’s. He earned his Associate of Science Degree in 1985. There are very few faculty members left that were here teaching when he started, and none left from when he was a student. Although he feels students themselves haven’t changed much over the years, the problems they face and issues they must deal with have escalated to new levels. Teaching and coaching at community college is like a good drama on TV—there’s love, hate, crime, and even death. The community college student of today faces many challenges such as little or no family support, drug and alcohol issues, working long hours to pay for living expenses and school, being academically underprepared, and even struggling with learning disabilities; too many students drop out of school and some even give up on life. Academics, finances, family issues, social issues, and wellness are but a few of the problems facing our students today. Through his PechaKucha presentation (20 slides x 20 seconds), Coach Loprieno will provide us with a deeper understanding of the challenges our students face so that we can consider ways that we can support them followed by a discussion of several case studies representing the experiences of students he has had as a Math professor and a coach.

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