These Faculty Members Survived – Could Your Students?Congratulations to the faculty members who survived the Academy’s first Escape Room challenge at the Making an Impact with Collaborative Learning workshop last week! The workshop, part of the Cornerstone Series this semester, was facilitated by Melissa Baysingar, Instructional Design Specialist, and provided innovative examples of collaboration in the traditional and online classrooms.

An Escape Room can be used in your classroom to build teamwork and demonstrate the value of collaborative learning. It can also be integrated with course content as a creative review or introductory activity. The Escape Room for this workshop was built using a kit and game template from The Academy will have a BreakoutEDU kit available for faculty to check out in Spring 2018.

Feedback from participants:

“It was interesting as an instructor. One can see how working together in areas we did not understand and by listening to others’ ideas, we tried to take these ideas and come up with new possibilities to solve the problems at hand, similar to how we have to help students utilize collaborative critical learning skills that are transferable in the workplace.” – Dr. George Mochocki, Management

“Thanks for the great time! I had just taken a grueling quiz and that exercise was a perfect way to remove myself from the recent stress. I feel so fortunate to be able to access the riches of Harper, especially with the Cornerstone Series. The Academy provides such valuable information, both informational and practical, but more importantly—implementable and NOT BORING. I do not teach (in the formal sense) but am constantly looking for ideas to engage others in subjects that I want to share.” – Michelle Mabry, Operations Services

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