Diverse Perspectives & Cultures Update!Diverse Perspectives & Cultures Update!Submitted by the Diverse Perspectives & Cultures Work Group of the Learning Assessment Committee

Remember the Spring 2017 Diverse Perspectives & Cultures general education assessment? Through this assessment, we learned that students need additional support regarding this outcome. For example, only 28.4% of students met expectations in relation to Assumptions/Biases as defined by our rubric. Additionally, 41.7% of students said they discussed questions related to those on the assessment never, very little, or only outside of class.

In response to these results and feedback from faculty, the Diverse Perspectives and Cultures Work Group and the Learning Assessment Committee developed an improvement plan to support this outcome. The improvement plan has several components, the most vital being faculty development in relation to Diverse Perspectives & Cultures.

We hope you will join us as we roll out Diverse Perspectives & Cultures development opportunities in the coming months:

  • Engaging Students in Diverse Perspectives GEC, Spring 2019! This course is designed to assist faculty in effectively engaging students in Diverse Perspectives & Cultures, including in the assessment of student learning related to these concepts. The course will take place in a blended format. Stay tuned for registration information!
  • Lunch & Learn sessions! This year’s Learning Assessment Community of Practice will sponsor quick sessions to help you focus on Diverse Perspectives & Cultures in your classroom.
  • Resources! Visit the Diverse Perspectives & Cultures HIP page for more resources relating to this outcome.

Questions? Contact Rich Johnson, General Education-Diverse Perspectives & Cultures Work Group Chair at rjohnson@harpercollege.edu or Faon Grandinetti in the Outcomes Assessment Office at fgrandin@harpercollege.edu.