Counseling Services – Here for YOU!Submitted by Student Development

Thanks to so many of you for the excellent response to the new Counseling Services operation in Student Development. Located in Building I, Room I117, Counseling Services is staffed by faculty counselors who are dedicated to supporting student success. As we approach midterm, here are some timely tips and reminders:

  • Students under stress. Yep, it’s that time. Please refer students if you think they might benefit from tips and practical strategies to reduce stress and improve performance. We’ll be doing “pop up” relaxation stations in the Academic Success Services to provide on-demand support for students who might need a boost.
  • Repetition is GOOD. Students receive a lot of info during Orientation and they recall…some of it! Often our academic advisors need to remind students about non-academic support…and refer students to Counseling Services when students begin to share additional information about their needs. You can refer students, too. We are happy to do an intake and identify services and support that may be helpful – on or off campus.
  • Something seems, “off”. Let your instincts be your guide. If you sense that a student may need gentle outreach from Counseling Services or if you see problematic behavior that needs attention, it’s always okay to call or submit a “care” report through the HEAT (Harper Early Alert Team). Always remember: Contact Harper College Police ext. 6330 and 911 in an emergency.
  • Classroom partnering? Yes – happy to help in that way, too. As we approach midterm, we’ve modified the offers to include only Educational Planning or Academic Success-focused sessions. Check back in early Spring 2020 for the new, full line-up for next semester.

Questions? Please call Student Development at 847.925.6346.