The virtual Share-ousel in Spring 2021 provided Communities of Practice an opportunity to showcase their shared learning for the year and give and receive feedback on one another’s ideas. Thanks to all CoPs who found ways to continue their efforts online, we had nine active CoPs who shared virtual posters with voice narration and artifacts that demonstrate what they accomplished this year. View the posters and a list of recognition awards.

Communities of Practice 2021-2022

The participating CoPs were:

  • The Art of Teaching for Equity
  • Early Career Faculty
  • Grit, Growth Mindset, and Metacognition
  • Incorporating Technology Forging Diversity in Music Academia
  • Relating to Students: Making Connections
  • Teaching with Games
  • Teaching Information Literacy
  • Teaching with Geospatial Technologies
  • Universal Design for Learning

Thank you to everyone for your hard work this year and for helping us continue this program. It’s now time to start the next annual cycle beginning with the Action Plantasia in September. We are excited to kick-off another year of providing structure and support for you as you engage in shared learning experiences to enhance teaching and learning together.

Returning Communities of Practice:

  1. Sign up for an Action Plantasia time slot in September to pitch your ideas and action plans virtually. If your group cannot attend during any of the available times listed on the sign-up, please let us know so that we can find an alternative time.
  2. Complete an action plan (using this template) with a description of your planned activities and budget requests for 2021-2022. Action plans should be completed together as a CoP as much as possible.
  3. Send your completed action plans to Stephanie Whalen ( and Mike Bates ( in advance of your pitch date.
  4. Pitch your plan and share any other materials you would like to at your allotted virtual Action Plantasia time slot. Only one or two members of the CoP need to present, although more members may be helpful for discussing your proposal.

Have an Idea for a New Community of Practice?

  1. Complete this CoP application form.
  2. Sign up for a virtual Action Plantasia time slot in September to share your interest so we can help you get started.

Interested in Joining a Community of Practice?

  1. Please fill out this application if you are interested in joining a Community of Practice this year.

Please contact Stephanie Whalen ( or the Academy ( with any questions or concerns.