Shared by Stephanie Whalen, Academy Chair, English & Interdisciplinary Studies

The 2022 Communities of Practice Share-ousel took place virtually on Friday, April 29, 2022, with seven Communities of Practice sharing posters or slides to present their goals and progress for the year; each group had an opportunity to give and receive feedback and vote for recognition awards for one another.

Each group presented for five minutes, with four minutes for participants from other groups to share kudos, questions, and suggestions on a Jamboard, and three minutes for the group to respond to Jamboard comments. Then participants voted for recognition awards in Innovation, Assessment, Sharing, and Poster/Presentation on a Padlet by giving a heart for each CoP that stood out in that category. The participating CoPs were: The Art of Teaching for Equity; Early Career Faculty; Interprofessional Education in Health Care; Relating to Students: Making Connections; Teaching with Games; Teaching Information Literacy; and Teaching with Geospatial Technologies. This year’s CoP members are listed on the CoP Directory Page. The recognition awards were announced at the end of the event.

The Recognition Awards went to:

  • Innovation: Teaching with Geospatial Technologies
  • Assessment: Interprofessional Education in Health Care
  • Sharing: Early Career Faculty
  • Poster/Presentation: Teaching Information Literacy

This year, we also added an award of CoP of the Year based on most overall votes. The award went to: Interprofessional Education in Health Care. Members include: Paula Akialis, Kathleen Fischer, Megan Giacomino, Rita Gura, Kathleen Hock, Mary Horstman, Stephanie Petrykowski, Jennifer Smith, Leslye Smith, Caitrin Sobota, Kendra Uhe, and Traci Wessel.

Communities of Practice Virtual Share-ousel 2022

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