What can CCSSE tell us about student learning?Submitted by the Learning Assessment Committee

You’ve HEARD about it…
…you’re EXCITED about it…
…one of your classes may have even been selected to PARTICIPATE this spring…
…but do you know how CCSSE relates to STUDENT LEARNING?

CCSSE is the Community College Survey of Student Engagement, and it’s designed to provide information about—you guessed it—student engagement. But CCSSE also helps us by asking students their perceptions of learning.

CCSSE and Harper’s General Education Outcomes

One of the most prominent ways CCSSE reveals student perceptions of learning at Harper relates to our General Education Outcomes. Several components of CCSSE align with these outcomes, including:

  • How much has your experience at this college contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?
    • Writing clearly and effectively (Communication)
    • Speaking clearly and effectively (Communication)
    • Thinking critically and analytically (Critical Thinking)
    • Solving numerical problems (Quantitative Reasoning)
  • In your experiences at this college during the current academic year, about how often have you done each of the following?
    • Worked on a paper or project that required integrating ideas or information from various sources (Information Literacy)
    • Had serious conversations with students who differ from you (Diverse Perspectives and Cultures)
  • How much does this college emphasize the following?
    • Encouraging contact among students from different economic, social, and racial or ethnic backgrounds (Diverse Perspectives and Cultures)

How do we use this information?

Indirect assessment results such as student responses to CCSSE help the Learning Assessment Committee and its work groups see a more holistic picture of student learning than direct assessments alone can provide. The work groups review CCSSE results to help inform the College’s general education improvement plans.

This spring, Outcomes Assessment will unveil a dashboard integrating our direct and indirect general education assessment information, including CCSSE results. The dashboard will also provide a more convenient way to access our general education improvement plans. Stay tuned!

Learn more about our students’ previous responses to CCSSE here or general information about CCSSE here.