Juggling competing responsibilities isn’t easy, but by utilizing the calendar tool in Blackboard you can help your students successfully plan for and meet their course requirements.

When you create graded items such as tests or assignments in your course and add due dates, the calendar event automatically appears on the course calendar. You are also able to add non-graded events such as reminders to complete next steps in ongoing assignments, dates of when special guest speakers will present, and anything else you wish by manually adding them in the calendar in a matter of seconds. Students can then see the events listed by each course (color-coded for them) and by day, week, or month in a consolidated view.

Giving students a visual overview of all their course events and due dates via the Blackboard Calendar tool truly can aid them with managing their time and workload.

Watch this quick video of how to add the calendar tool to your course menu, and how the calendar works and displays.