We’re excited to announce a new tool that will be available starting August 9, 2021 in Blackboard called Ally. Ally provides you guidance on how to correct accessibility issues within your digital course content, which means your learning materials will work better with assistive technologies as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

Blackboard Ally: Help Improve the Learning Experience for All Students

Ally helps support Harper’s commitment to a more inclusive campus by improving the learning experience for all students. The main functions of Ally are also timesavers for instructors. These functions include:

  • Generating alternative formats of content so students can choose to download the format that meets their needs. The alternative formats don’t affect your original files and allow students to access formats such as an HTML version for their phone, an ePub version for their tablet, an MP3 version for audio, and electronic braille for braille readers.
  • Providing feedback and leading the instructor through the steps needed to improve the accessibility of content.

A pilot of Ally was recently completed by a group of faculty who signed on to try Ally in their courses this past school year. Instructors who used the Ally tool shared overwhelmingly positive feedback on Ally’s ease of use and the instructors also noted the knowledge they gained about course accessibility.

More information about Ally will be coming soon, including instructor resources and professional development opportunities. If you’d like to learn more now, Ally is part of the Academy’s Summer On-Demand Series.

For more insight on the positive impact the use of Ally has made this past year at Harper, see the infographic below (or view the PDF version):

Blackboard Ally: Help Improve the Learning Experience for All Students