Become an Accessibility AllySubmitted by Pascuala Herrera, Access and Disability Services

Are you interested in the GEC, “Creating an Accessible Learning Environment for Students with Disabilities” but missed registering for the class or you just did not have the time for one more thing?

Well, here is the good news! To promote social justice for students with disabilities, you can now participate in a free, fully online professional development opportunity available to all employees.

Pascuala Herrera, Professor in Access and Disability Services, spent the summer developing a website that will help you earn the distinction of being an Accessibility Ally. Once you go through the training materials that include relevant information about 10 of the most common disabilities, you will be able to take a short quiz. If you pass with an 80% or better, you will earn an Accessibility Ally certificate that can be shared with a supervisor or posted in your workplace or office so that students with disabilities know they are welcomed.

The training website can be found on the Academy for Teaching Excellence website under “Resources” or using this link: