Submitted by Mary Horstman, Nursing

Calling all faculty who seek to create authentic assignments to better prepare students for clinical, internship, or workplace experiences! We have a new CoP for you!

Authentic Assignments to Simulate Professional Experiences

The purpose of this CoP is to develop authentic assignments to elevate students’ skills and readiness prior to clinical or internship experiences by developing real-world scenarios, simulations, and/or hands-on demonstrations to enhance student learning through practice in a comfortable and supervised setting. This group will generate assignments and activities to develop workplace ready skills, and CoP members will gain confidence that their classroom instruction will transfer to safe and professional conduct in the field. Students will gain knowledge, higher skill levels, improved critical thinking, and increased readiness as they develop, apply, and refine knowledge and skills in an authentic assignment meant to simulate a realistic clinical situation or workplace setting prior to clinical or internship experiences. These strategies will also better prepare students to apply higher level critical thinking in classroom testing and unexpected workplace situations.

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