The most recently approved adjunct faculty agreement (2016-2021) included the creation of an Adjunct Faculty Engagement Program that supports and recognizes adjunct faculty who are involved in sustained professional development and college service. As the contract states,

“To recognize adjunct employees who complete a body of work in these areas, the College will provide incentives including the following:

  • Increased compensation per contact hour as defined in Article 8.1 (2.5% rate of pay increase)
  • Priority in course assignment as defined in Article 4.7 (a minimum of 9 contact hours if available)
  • An interview for a posted full-time faculty position for which the adjunct employee is qualified.”

The Academy for Teaching Excellence is excited to announce that this program, which was co-developed by an advisory team of adjunct faculty from multiple disciplines and the Academy, will launch during Spring 2018. The program will include the following:

  • Intent to Apply (a form including summary of courses taught, self-verification of unit eligibility, most recent evaluations, approval by Dean, and self-verification that you believe you meet the minimum requirements)
  • The Reflective Educator (an online course designed around reflective practices for teaching/library/counseling faculty)
  • Professional ePortfolio (including summary of college service experiences and artifacts relating to professional development)
  • Portfolio review by a cross-functional committee

Watch for more information regarding details, timeline, and deadlines to be announced during the Spring 2018 semester.