Interested in increasing student success rates in gateway courses? Apply for a grant opportunity!Are you thinking about ways to engage your students in the learning process, while increasing the overall success rates of students in your classes? The Curriculum & Instruction Goal Team is soliciting faculty that are interested in developing innovative instructional techniques and methods to increase the level of student persistence and completion in courses that students typically take in their first 15 credits at Harper College.

The 0-15 Course Enhancement Grant, is a 2-year initiative that is supported by the institution, and offers a budget of up to $10K to cover the expenses associated with the implementation of enhancement activities. Up to two faculty  grants will be awarded.


  • Two-year grant (Fall 2018-Spring 2020)
  • Gateway course; high enrollment; 10 sessions; 400+ enrollment
  • Open to full-time and adjunct faculty
  • Support of the dean and the department
  • Data exploration of student success
  • Innovative redesign of course

Application Period: Monday, February 26, 2018 – Friday, March 23, 2018

View the Application and Apply Now: 0-15 Course Enhancement Grant Application

Questions? Please contact Dr. Robin James to discuss courses, innovative ideas, and the grant in more detail:, ext. 6567.