Thanksgiving Survival Tips: How to Survive Thanksgiving at Uncle John’sAfter reading the tips below, take our quiz to see if you can name Harper’s five General Education Learning Outcomes! Two lucky winners will receive some Harper swag!

Traveling to the family gathering…

As you’re driving to Uncle John’s place,

Think critically – don’t text – and keep the right pace!

While preparing the stuffing…

Tap into your quantitative reasoning,

To measure the right amount of seasoning.

When communicating with your family…

Express thanks, kindness, and cheer,

Instead of a smirk, snicker, or leer.

Advice for the turkey-info-lit bowl…

When choosing your football teams,

Use credible sources – like stats – over memes!

When the food is served…

If your friends and family are acting like vultures,

Remember we all have different perspectives and cultures.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Outcomes Assessment Office!