Tasteful Interdisciplinary LearningStudents from Susan Grant’s World Cultures and Food (NTR 205) course and Kim Jaeger’s Intermediate German II (GER 202) course recently collaborated in the campus Food Lab.

The students got together to cook specialties from German-speaking regions and learn more about the cultures. Students engaged in hands-on learning by preparing Wienerschnitzel, Gurkensalat (cucumber salad) and Käsespätzle (a noodle dish). GER 202 students prepared short talks about aspects of German culture and cuisine, such as holiday traditions, etiquette and mealtime customs, and Germany’s beer culture, while the NTR 205 students showcased the Food Lab and talked about the diverse regions they study in their course.

This hands-on experience brought Harper’s Global Learning Outcomes to life for the students and will certainly be a highlight of their courses. See more yummy photos.