Innovate Workshops

Discover methods for adding innovation and engaging your students. These workshops introduce several ways to involve your student and invoke active learning both inside and out of the classroom.
Camtasia: Create Tutorials and MoreCamtasia Studio is a video recording/editing/production application that gives users the power to easily record oneĀ’'s computer screen, voice, and Web camera video. With Camtasia users can easily create compelling video tutorials, presentations, and rich demonstrations for Web and CD-ROM, and DVD delivery.Melissa Baysingar,, (847) 925-6719
Creating Interactive PowerPoint PresentationsLearn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to build an interactive multiple-choice quiz/learning object. Particular attention will be paid to using hyperlinks to create interactivity between questions and student feed back.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Designing Instruction using the Flipped Classroom ApproachIn this seminar, participants will learn how to experience and design instruction based on the flipped classroom approach. In the flipped classroom approach, content usually covered in a lecture is delivered online and activities that require students to apply, analyze, synthesize or evaluate information are delivered face-to-face using active learning instructional strategies.Melissa Baysingar,, 847.925.6719
Extend Your PowerPoint with Articulate InteractionsThis one-hour workshop will show instructors how to take existing PowerPoint slides and extend them to interactive activities. These activities can often replace less dynamic text-based slides in a presentation. Using Articulate interactions allows instructors to publish their content as an E-Learning delivery format.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Introduction to SoftChalkThis workshop provides an introduction to developing engaging eLearning instruction with SoftChalk. The introduction will present a brief overview of how to add text, images and media into a lesson, add interactive content such as learning games, activities, and widgets; and how to style and package the lesson for placement into a learning management system.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Web 2.0 Tools for Classroom UseThis workshop introduces the participant to the "users add value" concept that differentiates Web 2.0 applications from other Internet applications. Additionally, learners will select and utilize a Web 2.0 application to create a learning object.Melissa Baysingar,, 847.925.6719