Design Workshops

Learn to design your own custom instructional materials and enhance them with accessible innovative media in various content delivery methods.
Convert Your PowerPoint for Use on the WebOnce you've developed a presentation for your course, you may want to move it to the Web. Over the course of this workshop several considerations for their deployment on the Web will be reviewed, discussed and demonstrated.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Creating Accessible Documents for Students with DisabilitiesThis workshop acts as an introduction to the basic principles of accessibility and how to create documents that are accessible to students with varied disabilities.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Creating Documents for Use on the InternetThis workshop explores use of two formatting options that prepare existing classroom materials for use on the Internet. Learn how to save documents in both Rich Text Format (RTF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) and how to provide the tools necessary for students to use these materials. Editing and converting PowerPoint slideshows to Web Format (HTML) will also be covered. Attendees should bring Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files saved on a USB drive to this workshop.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Design Considerations for PowerPointWhether you're just beginning to use PowerPoint, or a seasoned user, you may want to consider design ideas while developing your content for presentation. This workshop introduces concepts that can help improve your delivery, organize your content, and enhance your visuals, for a more engaging presentation.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Free Course Material Development ToolsThis workshop presents a brief overview of readily available freeware and online production tools that may be used for the devlopment of course materials. Several of these applications may be used as an alternative to otherwise costly and popular software suites. This overview will include where to find them, what they do, and how they may be used to create materials for instruction.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Implementing Universal Design in Your InstructionThe process of universal design for Learning (UDL) takes into consideration a wide range of learners from diverse backgrounds with multiple learning styles and needs. Participants will be provided a brief overview of the topic and examples of UDL, as well as methods and tools for implementing UDL in their instruction.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
Introduction to Image EditingThis workshop introduces the beginner to editing images for use in HTML pages. Topics to be covered include: image sources, GIF and JPG formats, raster vs. vector graphics, and cropping, scaling and resizing images.Christopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777
SnagIt: Capture and Format Images EasilySnagIT is a desktop application that enables users to select and capture portions or all of a computer's visual content. SnagIT also enables users to edit and reformat visual content so that it can be utilized in the creation of visual instructional content. Additionally, SnagIT has ancillary features that permit it to perform batch file conversions as well as batch image captures from web pagesChristopher Dobson,, 847.925.6777