Perspectives with Dr. Ender

Recently Dave Richmond, associate professor of History at Harper, sat down with Dr. Ender and asked him questions about his strategic vision for the College. Watch the interview and then take this short survey. If you have additional questions for Dr. Ender or an...

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Privilege Workshop

Owning our Privilege: Building Skills to Foster an Inclusive Work and Classroom Environment Join us as we explore our individual and collective privilege and learn how we can use our voice to create positive impacts. This workshop will begin with a brief overview of...

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Harper College Invited to Join Frontier Set

Harper College will join a diverse set of thirty-one high-performing two-and four-year colleges and state systems with the goal of creating a new model of partnership and sharing best practices to improve student outcomes in higher education. Harper was selected as...

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Explorer Series Project Showcase

The Project Showcase is a chance for you to demonstrate the work you’ve completed in the Explorer Series workshops and to get inspired by the work of your peers. If you'd like to present, come to the showcase prepared to give a 5-10 minute demonstration of your...

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Becoming a Community of Practice

On Saturday, March 11, the four facilitators who led the Faculty Retreat reconvened the following day on Harper’s campus in Building J, Room J166 to provide a Community of Practice Workshop for 25 faculty and Academy staff. The workshop provided the participants with...

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Faculty Retreat: Did You Miss It?

On March 10, 79 faculty and staff attended the Faculty Retreat titled "Creating Community Across Differences" at Chandler’s Chophouse led by four facilitators from the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. Jennifer Whetham, Program Administrator...

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